IVF Cycle 4: The Waiting Game

August 10, 2020 Comments Off on IVF Cycle 4: The Waiting Game

When I left off we had ten fertilized eggs. We would spend the next five days waiting to get a report from our doctor’s office about how those ten eggs were doing. The waiting period is brutal no matter how you slice it. I went through periods of intense optimism, pessimism, and everything in between!

After five days we got the news that three embryos had reached the blastocyst stage. The lab said there were three other embryos still developing and they would call us the next day to let us know if any of them had made it to the blastocyst phase.

This was exciting news! In our three other cycles, we never had more than two blastocysts at the five day mark. We took it as a good sign and sent positive thoughts to our other three that were still growing!

The next day we got more good news that two more had made it to blastocysts. We had five blastocysts that were biopsied and frozen! I couldn’t help but feel very hopeful for our five little frozen blasts. However, we had another huge hurdle to cross: genetic testing. We were told it would take between ten days and three weeks to get our genetic testing results back.

In 2017, we had SIX frozen blasts sent for genetic testing and only ONE came back as genetically normal. Naturally, I was back on the hamster wheel of nerves because this time we had one less than last time. Also, I am much older than the last time we cycled. In the fertility world, 36 is a lot different than 39 and the odds are stacked against you.

Since I am writing these posts as a “catch up” (as our cycle started in early July), we actually know the results of our genetic testing. We found out a few days ago and are taking some time to process it all. I will give an update on my Instagram page this week for those of you following me over there.