January 30, 2019 Comments Off on Welcome!

Welcome to The Less than Domestic Goddess! I’m glad you’re here!

When I updated my blog awhile back, my “About Me” post got lost in the shuffle. It’s about time I wrote a new one, so here it goes!

Hi, my name is Carly. I live outside of Seattle in the beautiful state of Washington with my husband and four year old daughter, Kaia. My husband and I are originally from Los Angeles, but relocated on account of my husband’s dream job. At first, we weren’t sure how long we would stay up here. Our first winter saw more snow than the area had seen in decades! However, we’ve grown to love it and in September 2018 – we bought our first house together. So I guess you can say we’re staying for awhile!

I originally started blogging back in 2008 when I was planning my wedding. I fell in love with writing, connecting with my audience, and loved being a part of the blogging community. After our wedding, I continued blogging about newlywed life, my failed attempts to set up house, and my valiant efforts at being domestic (hence the blog name). All of this was the backdrop to a lot of heartache, confusion, and struggle as we also faced infertility, (my) chronic health issues, and (my) anxiety and depression. I blogged about all of it! I also blogged about our fertility struggles, two IVF cycles, and eventual birth of my daughter in 2014.

Phew! There’s a lot of history there.

Now, it’s 2019 and I have started off this year with the goal of organizing and updating this old blog. So much of my life is catalogued through these posts, and I want to find the easiest ways to continue to share all of it with you. I still get messages from folks all the time saying that I’ve inspired them or helped them in their journeys through difficult points in their lives. I want to be a resource to as many women as I can! As women and mothers, we’ve got to help each other out.