IVF Cycle 4: ERA and Transfer

August 24, 2020 Comments Off on IVF Cycle 4: ERA and Transfer

So we’ve completed our IVF cycle and we have one genetically normal embryo. We are cautiously optimistic about this little fighter! What are the next steps?

For the remainder of August and throughout the month of September, I will be on daily Lupron shots. Eventually we will add in estrogen patches and progesterone shots in preparation for the ERA that is tentatively scheduled for late September. ERA stands for “endometrial receptivity analysis” and you can find out more about it by going here.

Our doctor felt it was appropriate to do the ERA because we have had implantation failure with a high quality embryo in the past (our last IVF cycle). In addition, we only have one chance to get this right and we want to be sure we have checked all the boxes before transfer.

I will see my doctor twice for check ups before the procedure. I’m definitely a bit nervous for the actual procedure. There are mixed reviews about how painful it can be. Some women aren’t really phased by it. Others say it is the most painful procedure they’ve ever faced without anesthesia.

I’m hoping I fall closer to the group that finds it less painful. Fingers crossed. Once we get the results of the ERA, it will help us to perfectly time when we will transfer our embryo.

I feel good about our plan moving forward. I’ve been on Lupron before and written about it extensively on this blog. Search for “lupron” if you are curious or want additional information about it. We are hoping it helps to calm my endometriosis a bit. My endometriosis is always lurking in the background!

If you have any questions about our protocol or anything in general, feel free to comment here, email me, or DM me on Instagram.