Another week of motherhood is in the books! I am continuing to stick to the Stay at Home Mom Challenge I gave myself at the beginning of the year. (Basically, the SAHM Challenge was a New Year’s resolution of sorts to get my daughter and I out of the house and into the fresh air as much as possible. When my anxiety is elevated, I tend to close up and stay in my safe, little world.) Sometimes I feel like I have to remind myself to breathe. I have good weeks and bad weeks, but I am trying to push through the “bad” moments, whatever they may be.

This week was a busy one. A few highlights – we explored a new art museum downtown with friends, got our water heater fixed (no more three minute showers!), enjoyed tons of time outdoors doing water play, and attended toddler class. Lastly, a little note about how I am maintaining my sanity lately at the bottom of this post.

The Broad Museum

The Broad is one museum I have wanted to check out since it opened. It is such a young, hip place to be! Unfortunately, it doesn’t really lend itself to toddler (mis)behavior. We went with a decent sized group of other mommies and toddlers. We felt pretty out of place in a sea of art enthusiasts who looked like maybe they had never seen a two year old in their entire lives. There was a lot of chasing, whining, trying to pick K up while she pretends to be a wet noodle, and bribery. Although I couldn’t bribe her with snacks, because there’s no eating in the museum. By the end, I gave her my phone and she was happy as a clam to sift through those bizarre surprise egg videos on YouTube.

A good reminder that next time I will take my husband as my date and not my daughter! Or if L had been there with us, we could have taken turns chasing after K and telling her not to touch anything while the other parent got to view the art.

Try telling a two year old NOT to touch this. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t go over well. 
The photo above was posted on my Instagram, @lessthandomesticgoddess!
We did get to enjoy a few quiet moments surrounded by an infinite number of glittering sparkles in the Infinity Mirrored Room! 

It was a tough week in terms of “boo boos” and injuries. K has gotten quite brave, but unfortunately has almost no understanding of the painful consequences of her bold, new outlook on life. She has tumbled down a few steep stairs, slid out of her booster seat and fallen on the floor, and jumped off of a kid-sized lounge chair and hit her head on the TV stand. I, in turn, have five new gray hairs and have aged half a year.

With all of K’s antics and testing boundaries, I really need a break sometimes. 
For months, I have been sneaking in workouts on the treadmill here and there. Sometimes I will get a few minutes to do push-ups or lift my five pound weights while K watches a program on TV or her iPad. However, it’s left me mostly unfulfilled and I can never get any continuity. This past week, I decided to make even more of an effort to squeeze in a workout, mostly for mental health purposes. 
So, I’ve been starting dinner earlier than usual. (We usually wait to eat dinner with L, but he gets home pretty late.) By the time L gets home, I take off with the dog and we do a 20-25 minute walk around the neighborhood. I really, really want to try and stick with this. The fresh air helps me process the day’s frustrations, and I also get some QT with my pup, Henry. 



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    May 28, 2016

    Love this post!

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      June 8, 2016

      Thank you, M! xoxoxo