Hello, 2020!

January 6, 2020 Comments Off on Hello, 2020!

It’s been quite a long time since I came on here and gave any sort of personal update. I miss writing my more personal posts and the connections I used to make on this blog. Since the blogging world has changed so much since I started writing back in 2009/2010, I don’t expect that I will re-create the community I once had here. But, my hope is that I come back from time to time and give more in-depth updates than I give on my Instagram or other platforms.

Let’s start with a quick recap of 2019. There were plenty of ups and downs, and, at times, it felt like the world was crashing down. Despite all the challenges, we have gotten through it with the help of therapy, love, and hard work. Here are some highlights from our year.

I had an amazing year working with various brands and companies. One of my most meaningful campaigns was sharing our IVF story and infertility struggles. This was a photo we took as part of that collaboration.
We had the snowstorm of the decade and went sledding in our backyard!
My niece was born and I became an aunt!
We took our annual trek to the University of WA to see the cherry blossoms.
Flew to LA for L’s 40th birthday with family!
K’s first concert to see Tori Kelly.
We attempted to do “touristy” things in Seattle. This effort started and ended with one trip to the Space Needle. Haha!
Our little girl graduated from preschool!
We took our first ever trip to Whistler, BC!
K started kindergarten!
Halloween 2019: Captain Marvel and Iron Man.
Cousin time over Thanksgiving. We hosted our first Thanksgiving!
Reigniting date night. At the Jason Mraz concert.
Christmas 2019 was filled with so many sweet memories!
Perhaps one of the best memories of 2019: my mom and her husband moved to the PNW!