For our Save the Dates (STDs) I wanted something simple that utilized our engagement pictures (we didn’t take those suckers for nothin’!) I decided to go with the cute idea of holding up three signs stating “save”, “the”, “date”. Our photographer, Toby, was a good sport during our engagement shoot and allowed us to take way too many ridiculous pictures holding those signs. The holding signs concept is somewhat overdone- however, I found an online program that would display it in an original way.

Enter In the beginning of this process, I had decided to use Shutterfly, simply because I knew of no other websites and wanted to spend within our budget ($250 or less) on the cards. Then I received a baby announcement made by Kodakgallery. I was impressed by the quality of the pictures and the paper stock. I looked at their layout options and prices and found that if we ordered 100+ cards (which was what we needed) that each card would be $2.50 based on the layout choice I selected. Lucky for me, Kodakgallery was having a special at the time and we also got 20% off our entire order (before tax and shipping). Don’t forget tax and shipping costs can really bump up the price! Ultimately, we got it all for $229.00.
Here is the layout we chose: The Accordian Fold Card

Here are the photos we chose: One color photo and four in black and white

We also incorporated a short message with the date, location and other pertinent guest information. On one of the back panels, we included our wedding website. I was happy about this because I wasn’t sure where we would include the website information. It turned out great! Here are some pictures I took of the finished product:
Here’s the frontside of the card.

Here’s the backside of the card.
All in all, they turned out mostly how I had envisioned them. Only two minor complaints: (1) the envelopes were lacking in quality (i.e. cheap) (2) the options for formatting the text of our card were limited. I was only half-satisfied with the text because it looked a bit unfinished. So there you have it!! Save the Date cards – CHECK! (All professional images courtesy of Toby Morris Photography)



  1. heather

    October 7, 2008

    oooohhhh those are super cute! i see what you mean about the text, but no one will pay attention to that for too long anyways. The pictures make it, and they are awesome!

  2. Krista

    October 11, 2008

    That’s cute!

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