I’m on a mission to make my skin wedding ready. Over the course of the next number of months, I hope to keep up a healthy daily skin regimen, use fabulous products, get regular facials and do anything else I can to help my skin look its best. I have extremely dry skin. I’m not sure when the dryness began, but I suspect that it started when I moved east for college. As many know, blistering cold weather mixed with overactive heaters in the winter = bone dry skin and static ridden hair. Since living back home, I found an excellent moisturizer. It’s made by Origins and it’s a part of their “A Perfect World” product line. Origins describes it as an “antioxidant moisturizer with White Tea” and it sells for $36.00 for a huge tub of it.

I am ready to buy my second tub and it’s taken me about 4-5 months to get through it. This is with very liberal use, as I’ve been using it on my body and my face! It has a delightful, light citrus-like scent that smells delicious and it makes my skin SO smooth. For me, it has been well worth the somewhat hefty price tag.
Let me stress that my skin is not sensitive, yet it is dry. If you have combination skin or sensitive skin, it may be way too thick and creamy to use on your face (i.e. could cause breakouts, etc.). In fact, their “A Perfect World” line actually carries a moisturizer specifically for the face. I might think about picking that up, too, the next time I’m at the Origins counter at the mall.
October 3, 2008