It’s inevitable that whenever you say you live in Los Angeles, some random person will chime in telling their little tale of woe about why they hate L.A. I get it, I do. I am the first person to admit that there are many things I can’t stand about Los Angeles. However, I was born and raised here and I think everyone should have at least a little bit of love for the place(s) where they grew up. Since being back here after an almost eight year hiatus, I have made it my part time interest to keep a list of the things I love about my home city. My list will come in handy when we host out of town guests during our wedding weekend in June!

Today I am highlighting the J. Paul Getty Museum (a.k.a. “The Getty”) in West Los Angeles. I grew up five minutes from this place and managed not to visit it until this past summer. What was I thinking? The museum is home to various exhibitions and art collections. It’s location, up on a mountain, provides breathtaking views and great possibilities for engagement shoots! A gorgeous garden, modern architecture and the city skyline lend itself to this wonderful institution where admission is FREE to the public (parking is $10).

(All images courtesy of my lovely fiance and our rinky dink camera)