My Winter 2016 Stay-at-Home Mom Challenge has been going really well. I am not only looking for ways to get us out of the house, but also toddler activities that are budget-friendly. I’ve got K in two paid classes right now, and I don’t feel like I should be shelling out money every day to keep her entertained. It is encouraging me to stay somewhat creative, and also to take advantage of museums, facilities, and places that are free or where we have annual memberships.


Normally, my daughter has a gym class on Wednesdays, but I had a doctor’s appointment across town. It turns out I was months late for my annual exam so it was good that I went in. My dad drove us so I would have someone to watch K. Nothing like sitting on the exam table going over what you want to discuss with your doctor, and hearing high-pitched screaming in the background. K is insanely clingy right now, and won’t let me out of her sight. Separation anxiety has been a bit of a nightmare, but we somehow survived the trip out.


We had plans to hit up the library, but the sun was out, and the playground looked so inviting! So – playground it was!


K has a Friday morning toddler class at a local recreation center. It gives her a chance to socialize with other children her age and has been instrumental in her development! As she approaches her second birthday, we are starting to think more and more about preschool. This class is a great way to start acclimating her to the preschool setting.

After class and lunch, we hit up the Huntington Library. We have a membership there, and it has quickly become one of my favorite places in the city. It’s so peaceful and calming. It was our first time in the Children’s Garden, and we had so much fun! We are so lucky to be able to enjoy outdoor activities in the winter months.

I also managed to cook or do some version of “cooking” every day this week. That is kind of a big deal for me. Tuesday was chicken tacos. Wednesday was leftover taco ingredients thrown together with brown rice to make a Chipotle-esque taco bowl. Thursday was orecchiette pasta with spinach, onion, and (store bought) red sauce. Today is Friday and we will likely throw something random together and call it dinner!