I am working hard toward my goal of simplifying my life. Over the weekend, we were walking around a super trendy area of L.A. and I felt myself eyeing what everyone was wearing, what baby gear the other moms had, looking at all the ridiculously nice cars everyone was driving. Suddenly, I felt really frumpy and dated. We left and I was making mental lists of STUFF I wanted to buy. But, a new, fresh week is upon us, and I let all of those feelings go!!

We are more than halfway into the month of January. I have made it eighteen days without spending money on anything except food. I’m feeling pretty good. At times I have felt low or bored or whatever and found myself wanting to spend money to make myself feel better. I never really thought there was a connection for me between happiness and spending money on material items, but I guess there’s a term “retail therapy” for a reason?!

My spending habits have never been out of control. But, I have rarely placed limits on myself. If I want something like a new coat or shoes (within a reasonable price range given our financial situation), I usually think about it for awhile, and then buy it. Also, since the invention of Amazon Prime, I started jumping online and aimlessly ordering a lot of stuff. It has been therapeutic to pull back for awhile. We are constantly looking to improve upon our household budget, and I feel like I am making a positive difference by choosing to keep my wallet closed for now.

I think I could use more of an organized plan if I were to continue placing limits on spending in February and beyond. I am looking into doing that Capsule Wardrobe thing I have read about on other blogs. I’m not sure if it would do me much good. I was also inspired by this post about how to reject the allure of stuff.

If anything, I am realizing that I can get by on a lot less; and that feels great. I hope it is a productive week for anyone still reading this blog!

January 16, 2016


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    January 21, 2016

    Hi friend!! Your comment disappeared, but it's so nice to hear from you! Happy New Year, and sending you and your boys lots of love. xoxo