I only have time to write when the baby is napping or after she goes to bed at night. (I plan on K taking daily naps until she is at least 15 years old.) During the day, I am up and running for most of the day. This self-proclaimed “less than domestic goddess” has been forced to add a little domesticity to her life. Being a thirty something stay-at-home-mom, by definition, has made it impossible for me to continue hating on cooking, cleaning, and weekly trips to Target. All of those activities have become part of my daily life, and I have embraced it (for the most part). What the hell has happened to me?!

Being that we are a one-income household, and intend to keep it that way for at least the next couple of years, we are continuously examining and editing our household budget. It is still a major work in progress. Recently, we made our biggest change yet. We moved across town to be closer to family, increase our quality of life, and decrease our cost of living. Our condo in L.A. was draining us, emotionally and financially. It had no outdoor space, and we were surrounded by what felt like four walls of constant traffic and congestion. I often found myself fighting the urge to hide indoors rather than deal with the daily grind of life in the big city with my baby girl. Now we are further east, and in a more suburban setting. It’s quieter, and it’s possible that we might actually get to know our neighbors. K is still young enough where we aren’t super worried about the school district, but we are starting to keep our eyes and ears open when it comes to good preschools, etc.

I am outside of my comfort zone. I am leaving behind an area where I was born and raised; where I was within a five mile radius of where I went to preschool, grade school and high school. I had just started finding my way as a mom and making new mommy friends. As you may or may not imagine, making mommy friends is akin to being in seventh grade all over again. AWKWARD. So yeah, I put a lot of effort into convincing other moms that I know what the fuck (I’m trying not to get rid of my potty mouth. Blogging doesn’t count since the baby can’t read yet, right?) I’m doing, and, in some ways, I am back to square one. Damn. I totally suck at making new friends. I’m from L.A. L.A people aren’t friendly and inclusive. They prefer to yell at each other in their cars, but, otherwise, cease to acknowledge each other’s existence.

But, ultimately, we are hoping that this leap of faith will lead us to greener pastures. Like any major move, you don’t really know what you are getting into. You hope that the decisions you are making will have a positive outcome for your family and yourself. You question and second guess. Ahhhh, adulthood.

My original topic of choice was trying to find time for myself while K sleeps. Hence, the title of this post. Oh well, this is my current state of being. I am sitting in a sea of packed boxes that I should really be unpacking. But, this move has been absolute chaos (not in a good way) and I would rather chill and listen to Taylor Swift’s “Style”. My kid loves Taylor Swift and Pharrell. I need to write a future post about how my one year old has been cooler than me since she was like five months old. Okay, more like three months, but whatever.



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    Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife

    April 22, 2015

    Being from Orange County I cannot imagine the hecticness that is living in LA but yeah making new friends as an adult mom or not is so damn hard!

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    May 1, 2015

    SOOOOOO happy you're back to blogging! Maybe do a little blog make over to help keep you going 🙂 Also, this post made me happy to be from a southern state… people are so nice and always speak. But on the flip side…. everyone is nosey lol

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      May 1, 2015

      I have needed a blog makeover for like five years!! I just changed it up a little, and already feel refreshed. 🙂 Thanks for reading along, Elle!