I love lazy, unplanned Saturdays. They can be so unexpectedly delightful, especially when the weather is nice. L.A. has had some weird weather patterns lately, but today was clear and sunny with cold breezes. My FAVORITE 🙂

After lounging in bed for too long, we had lunch at the Japanese market. The place was a madhouse. We circled around the parking lot no less than ten times, stalked a bunch of people walking to their cars, and nearly gave up all together. Moments later, we finally found a spot out in no man’s land. As we waited for the world’s slowest twenty-something yuppies to get in their car, this car full of weirdos pulled up to L’s window (he was driving). They dared him to play “rock paper scissors” for our spot. In the coolest manner possible, L replied, “Why would I ‘rock paper scissors’ with you for my spot?” Embarrassed, they promptly drove away.

You don’t get in the way of L and food. I love him.

After lunch, we took the doggies for a walk around the neighborhood. I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before, but we live near a police station. My idea of a “fun time” is sitting by the window and watching cars get pulled over that fail to stop at stop signs. Yeah, I don’t get out much. Anyway, the station was having an open house event, and they had this old school cop car parked outside on the street. It reminded me of The Ghostbusters!

Now my brother and L are drinking beers and watching the USC game. I could care less about that game, so I’m snuggled up with my idea of weekend perfection: piping hot tea and the new Anthro catalog.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

I’m going to attempt to get a few pictures of Henry in his Halloween costume. I’m not promising anything, because he’s not too fond of it.

October 27, 2010
October 31, 2010