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When we left off, I had rushed into a dog adoption that didn’t work out, got stood up by a creepy online dog breeder, and was of the mind set that what was meant to be would be. As luck would have it, waiting for the right dog came sooner rather than later.
A couple of weeks went by during which I checked online daily, but nothing. Then one morning, I was on and saw a picture of the cutest puppy ever (obviously, I am biased). The Kijiji post was a re-post that originated from a website called (a major pet adoption website that seems worth checking out). His online profile was quite extensive. I read about his background, his personality, and his parents. His mom, Ivy, became pregnant when her owners abandoned her at the pound. She was young and knocked up with nowhere to go. Kinda sounds like an episode of MTV’s Teen Mom.
Enter the rescue group called Marley’s Pit Stop led by a wonderfully generous lady named Elizabeth. Their group currently fosters about fifty or so orphaned dogs and they work tirelessly to match them with loving owners every weekend. That’s right, they’re all volunteers with 9 to 5 jobs who do this for the love of animals. Amazing, indeed.
Ivy’s litter of seven puppies was born December 8, 2009. Ivy, Henry and his six siblings lived with a very generous foster family for their first seven weeks of life. Ivy nursed her little ones and eventually they were weaned and ready to be adopted.
Enter his overly eager adoptive mama (a.k.a. ME). Elizabeth let us know that we would need to fill out an application form for Henry, schedule a home visit, and if we were approved, we would get the dog. The application form was quite thorough. I have had job applications less extensive. I have had cavity searches at the airport less extensive. But, I was happy to complete it. These groups just want to make sure that their rescue dogs go to the best homes possible. It’s akin to a hazing process. If you don’t make it through the application process, maybe you didn’t want the dog badly enough?
So we jumped through hoops and we rolled over when she told us to roll over. And, we were APPROVED! We met Elizabeth at a local pet store where Henry was chillin’ in a big crate surrounded by all of his brothers and sisters. We scooped up the little one, went over paperwork, confirmed everything, and we were off!
The process of adopting from a rescue group was the best decision we could have made. We have received so much support from Marley’s Pit Stop Rescue, and they really care about what happens to their animals after they are adopted. It felt good to know that some of Henry’s adoption fees would go toward the furthering of this group’s causes.
And that completes the story of how Henry came to be the newest member of our family.
Best of luck to anyone looking to get a new pet. Don’t forget to research and consider animal rescue and adoption!

February 22, 2010
February 24, 2010



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    February 23, 2010

    That's so great that you got him from a rescue group! The rescue groups down here had crazy applications like that, and there was one stipulation that bothered us. It said they could call and visit our house and any time, unannounced to check on their dog. I was NOT for that (Hello? Privacy!), so we scoured the local animal shelter/Petfinder and eventually, through a group that helps the shelter, found our pup!

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    Geek in Heels

    February 23, 2010

    Look at those eyes! And those big floppy ears! How can anyone NOT fall in love with him?

    I'm so happy you adopted Henry from a rescue group — we got our dog from friends whose new job, new apt, and new baby just wouldn't be fair to the dog, but we always knew that we wanted a dog(s) and we would adopt.

    We once went through a similar process with one of our guinea pigs. The paperwork and interview were a PAIN, and we had to drive 2 hours each way to pick her up, but it was well worth it because we knew we were giving an unwanted animal a better life.

    Please keep us updated on Henry — there can never be too many posts/pictures of puppies!

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    Pink Heli

    February 23, 2010

    Henry is too cute. I cannot get over him. I agree with GiH – never too many posts-pictures of puppies!! Those EYES!!

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    February 23, 2010

    OH MY GOSH! We got Princess from petfinder, too, from a rescue group called "Loyal Rescue"! (Albeit, yours was through kijiji, but still!) Princess was a pregnant teenager, and we chose her because she was so cute. I think she was possibly cuter than her puppies (though it's hard to say – her puppies were pretty cute)

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    February 23, 2010

    I just ruv his little puppy face, and how his little nose looks like a heart in this picture!

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    Mrs. Hot Cocoa

    February 23, 2010

    Jellyby sends tail wags Henry's way. And she is available to teach him naughty tricks, like whining and begging.

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    February 23, 2010

    So why the name Henry? 🙂

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    February 23, 2010

    @Amy: Unannounced visits?! Wow, that's quite committed of them, and also totally ridiculous! Glad you found a situation that worked for you.
    @Geek in Heels: The adoption process can be a little crazy, no? I will definitely keep posting pics of Henry! 🙂
    @Pink Heli: Aww, thanks!
    @Krista: Yay for Princess! She's so adorable. What a good dog 🙂
    @Linda: I was thinking that too about his nose. It's heart-shaped!
    @Mrs. Hot Cocoa: Why thank you, Jellyby! 🙂 Henry already has the whining part under his belt. But he could use a few tips in potty training 🙂
    @J.Darling: I have this weird fixation with naming our pets with human names which started with our first dog, Emma. We had a few boy names picked out for this pup, and we agreed that Henry seemed to suit him best. Coincidentally, it also happens to be my great-grandfather's name. However, we didn't name Henry after my great-grandpa.

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    Kristin ~ Bien Living

    February 24, 2010

    Congrats on the new pup – he is SO STINKIN' CUTE! 🙂

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    Creature Gorgeous

    February 25, 2010

    Bravo to you for going through a rescue group! All our family dogs were shelter/pound puppies. Even my own dog (who lives with my mom) is from the pound! Henry is so cute I want to kiss him on his nose! Look at those big paws! They don't fit him–it's sooooo adorable!

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    April 27, 2010

    We found our puppy through PetFinder too, and also after months of searching (I think it was about 6-7 months). We LOVE her, and would never consider getting a pet anyway other than adopting. Yay for you and Henry! He's super cute!