An old friend of mine, Maya, got married this past weekend in Arizona. She kept describing it as a down home, western “barn dance”…and boy, she wasn’t kidding. The Fiance and I stuck out like two sore Asian thumbs. But, in an awesome way…we had an incredible time!!! Here are some highlights of our trip to Williams, AZ.

The obligatory “open road” shot.

Sign says, “Havasu National Wildlife Refuge”. We found this hilarious because of all the debauchery that is Lake Havasu during Spring Break.

Welcome to the beautiful state of Arizona! (Other than a few bumper stickers, forgot it was McCain country!)

Backyard rocks. These rocks would have a whole new meaning as the wedding progressed.

The beautiful bride and her adorable Dad.

The sunset ceremony at the couples’ home.

Our shadows, their backyard.

Lawrence, my fiance, looking like the sexy, lost member of Entourage.

The beautiful centerpieces made of wine bottles, candles and yellow wildflowers.

Their first dance with the awesome country band in the background. They rocked!

Yummy cupcakes and a tiered cupcake stand made exclusively by the groom, Nathan!

The bouquet toss. I chose to include this picture because it reveals my true awkwardness. (I’m standing off to the left in the pic) I looked like a silly city girl clomping through those rocks in my heels during the entire ceremony + reception!! My cute little peep toes have seen better days!

September 18, 2008