When we first got serious about the prospect of marriage, Mr. G and I started doing what many couples in love do – browsing around jewelry stores looking at engagement rings. So we went to Rodeo Drive where the over-priced bling shops are housed. It’s fabulous. You don’t even have to drive anywhere – they’re all within blocks of each other! We both got some strange high off of it. It was like shopping for this ring was getting us one step closer to the nirvana of marriage. I tried on all kinds of rings. Big ones, little ones, flashy ones, simple ones. My heart was set on a simple classic solitaire. Something similar to the Tiffany Novo (pictured below).

At that point in the game, I could’ve told my future fiance that’s the ring I wanted. End of story. But no. I had to be difficult. I had to let the flighty romantic part of my personality get the best of me. So, I told him that the Tiffany Novo was nice, but that I really wanted him to choose my ring. Was this a big mistake?

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