So a friend of my fiance recommended I check out this wedding planning website called She explained the basic premise of the site and said it was really helpful when she planned her wedding a few years ago. I remember taking a quick look at it months ago, and granted I was not in full fledged “wedding planning mode”, I kinda sloughed it off and never went back to look at the site.

Flash forward to maybe late April. I’m officially a addict! The website centers around several future brides as they blog about their experiences with planning their weddings. The average bride-to-be can get all kinds of helpful tidbits and advice about anything wedding-related you could ever think of! Literally, I never thought much about certain wedding details until I started reading weddingbee. It’s almost like a bride-to-be support group: Wedding Planners Anonymous. You can register, get a screenname and everything. There are message boards, comment pages, the whole nine yards. I must admit, I do a lot of skipping around the site checking out cool pictures and pretty dresses (one of my obsessions!)…but the general atmosphere of the website is to create support and love for future brides all across the country.

One of the things that has been really interesting for me is that a lot of the bloggers are Asian American (the website founder is an Asian lady!) Although it usually wouldn’t make a damn difference to me, (after all, all of my bridesmaids are Caucasian!) in a strange way it gives me a good feeling and a sense of community. Sometimes Asians can be the forgotten race, mentioned as an afterthought behind white, black, Latino…oh yeah, and Asian; so it’s kinda nice to be one of the more dominant races around for a change! Yet despite the sometimes uncomfortable race discussion, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about all of the brides – regardless of their backgrounds. We, as future brides, actually have a lot in common despite geographical, racial, and all other differences.

My fiance thinks I’m crazy every time he walks by the computer and the monitor shines the mint green homepage of Weddingbee. But, I don’t know, I’m drawn to my Wedding Planners Anonymous like a moth to a flame. I do not know any of the bloggers, nor do any of my friends read it, so there is a certain level of anonymity for me that exists within this little happy world of Weddingbee.

July 5, 2008