I am dreaming of sandal weather! Kaia has never been a fan of sandals and spent the entire summer last year in various pairs of Natives. I am really hoping she branches out a bit this year, because summer shoes are fun! I rounded up some of my faves from Cat & Jack (this isn’t a sponsored post or anything. Target doesn’t give a crap who I am.) 
Anyway, I am loving that some of these Cat & Jack shoes are dupes for more expensive brands. I would rather not spend $40+ per pair on summer shoes, if I can help it. I’m sure I will end up splurging on one or two name brand shoes, but I kinda need those red clogs…for myself. 
Top RowCross Band Slide Sandals ($17) look like Saltwater’s // Wood Wedge Sandals ($19)
Second RowEspadrille Sandals ($19) // Wooden Wedge with Small Bow Sandals ($19)
Third RowLenora Hi-Tops ($20) only a few sizes left // Floral Print Rain Boots ($25)
Fourth RowClay Cap-Toe Sneakers ($15) look like Converse // Low Top Canvas Sneakers ($15)
Last RowChristian Strappy Foot Bed Sandals ($18) look like Birkenstock’s // Slip-on Carlton Sneakers ($15) look like Native’s