K had her two year appointment this week. I was surprised at all the changes! It really felt like K had graduated from babyhood to childhood. She walked into the appointment like a big girl and didn’t shed a tear (except when she got a shot). This was a pretty big deal because she has screamed through most of her doctor’s appointments since birth. K is happy and healthy and we are so grateful. We love her so much!

K’s Two Year Stats
Weight: 22.4 pounds (5th percentile) 
Height: 34 inches (50th percentile)
  • She was weighed in on a normal scale as opposed to the baby one. 
  • Her growth chart switched over from the infant chart to one that will track her from age 2 to 20. (20!!!)
  • There was more patient/doctor interaction. The doctor talked to her and asked her a few questions. Normally, we do all the talking and answer all the questions!
  • We were asked a lot of questions about K’s development. 
    • How much is she eating? Depends on the day, but she is offered three meals per day and a few snacks. 
    • Is she drinking milk? Sadly, no. 
    • How much? N/A
    • How much is she sleeping per night? Naps? 11-12 hours at night and no naps unless I’m lucky. 
    • How are her bowel movements? Normal. 
    • Is she talking? Yes. 
    • Does she say more than 20 words? Yes.
    • Is she stringing words together? Yes. 
    • Does she respond to simple commands? Yes. 
    • Is she interested in potty training? Not yet. 
    • Does she scribble? Yes. 
    • Can she walk up and down stairs? Yes. 
    • Can she stack blocks? How many? Yes. I wasn’t sure how many blocks she could stack. We don’t own traditional wooden blocks. We have a bunch of stacking toys and a rubber blocks set. Wait, does this make me a bad parent? 
    • Does she imitate you? Yes. 
    • Does she engage in imaginary play? Yes. 
Other Observations/Notes
They no longer measure K’s head circumference which has consistently been in the 90th to 95th percentile her first 1.5 years of life. Instead, they calculate her BMI. 
K is long and lean. I was relieved to hear that she’s growing normally in accordance with her plotted growth curve over the past two years. Her weight remains an issue though (nothing new there).

We’ll go back in six months for a weight check. 


Hepatitis A. She was current on all her other shots. Thank goodness. Also, she was tested for lead exposure. They pricked her big toe and collected some blood. The results came back normal.


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  1. MsG

    March 22, 2016

    hooray, K! 2 already!

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