Baby K is 21 weeks old today! 

I was terrible at documenting my pregnancy. I don’t have those week by week adorable belly photos where I’m frolicking in a garden. Instead, I have a bunch of random iPhone photos of me standing in our teeny tiny bathroom in front of a dirty mirror. Regardless, they are going in the baby book (that I stopped writing in).

We also haven’t done weekly photos of Baby K. I know, new mommy fails left and right! But, rest assured, there are literally thousands of photos of her. They just aren’t exactly organized. I did buy those month stickers for her first twelve months, and we have been semi-good about taking her monthly photos. One of my mommy resolutions is to get it together in the photo department. I absolutely loved staring at all my baby albums when I was young (a little narcissist in the making), and I figure K might just be interested one day, too.

Baby K is 21 weeks old today. She is almost FIVE months old. Whaaaaat?! Every parent says this, but she is growing so, so fast. Too fast. Every day we get a new glimpse into her personality, and this little girl is quite a spit fire! She isn’t shy about expressing herself, often with a loud voice! She’s friendly and warm, and already makes us laugh so much (despite the fact that most of her jokes are fart jokes). I don’t know where she gets all this fire from, but I think it skips a generation. I’m reserved like my grandma, and my mom is a spit fire. So, I supposed she gets it from my mama!

It is beyond a privilege and a joy to be K’s mommy. I am grateful every day. She is my world, and my husband’s world, and we would do anything for her. When I think about the road we traveled to get to where we are today, I haven’t forgotten how tough it was. But those memories are slowing drifting off and making room for new memories with our little IVF miracle. We love her so much.



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    August 6, 2014

    How is it that even your baby monthly updates can make me cry? Just so happy for where you guys are now! And I love that picture of you and K – two beauties! <3

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    August 6, 2014

    Love that picture. So precious. Let me know if you ever need advice regarding a spit fire- I've got one too!! They can be pretty freakin great!

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    May 13, 2015

    She is so so beautiful and I LOVE that photo!!!