Okay, you guys know that I am somewhat “domestically challenged”. I am not a big fan of cleaning. I don’t really fuss over my house. I actually wish I were more interested sometimes. But, I digress.

One thing I am a big fan of is doing laundry. Piles of freshly laundered clothing just make me happy. I also LOVE folding warm laundry, which is another post for another day. Anyway, sometimes I go crazy and run our washer and dryer so much that our electric bill is through the roof.

I am a long time Tide customer, and have been using only Tide for years and years. My clothes always smell amazingly fresh, and I have never been compelled to switch to a competitor’s brand. I recently found out about Tide Coldwater, and really wanted to try it. It claims to get clothes just as clean while saving tons of energy.

So far, so good. I have not been disappointed. Our clothes are clean, and I love that we are saving energy, too. I think it will definitely make a dent in our future electric bills.

P&G is offering a 10% discount on all items in their e-store with FREE SHIPPING on purchases over $25. Act soon, because this offer ends 08/31/12! 


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Tide Coldwater

I am late getting this promotion to you guys (given that it ends in a little over a week) but I really wanted to share it with you because it involves giving you a discount for buying your favorite P&G products online. I was surprised to learn that most of what I use every day are P&G products!

**Also please note that I will receive a commission off any sales purchased through the above widget. Aside from commission, I am not being paid anything or given free products for this post.**

Thanks for reading!



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    August 24, 2012

    Huge tide fans here. My guy has sensative skin. I mean REALLY sensative. Breaks out in eczema at the slightly climate change or stress sensative. Tide has helped a lot. Same thing on my brother's super sensative skin.