Some things that are making my life a little happier right now.

1) The Fifty Shades Trilogy.

Holy f*ck! It’s absolute trash and I love it. My world has gone to the dogs in the past week, because I can’t put these books down. I have literally lost sleep. My husband is curious. He keeps poking fun at my “erotic fiction”. I figure men have gotten their fair share of opportunities to peek at porn in every way, shape, and form, so I really don’t feel bad reading about safe words and Christian Grey. It’s a fun little gift I have given myself. Ladies, if you are in the market to be naughtily entertained and are in a non-judgmental mood, then INDULGE!

2) This little summer blouse (it’s on sale!) from Anthropologie (a gift from my husband).

3) A sunny spring day with L.

4) Dogs with short limbs that shake paws.

What makes you happy these days? 
Enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day weekend! 



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    May 24, 2012

    OH my God, I just recently turned to Fifty Shades to help get me out of my funk! And it worked!! I love the series, it is so different and really gives me something to think about and be distracted by! My husband is pretty curious as well! Glad to see there are a few things that keep ya smiling!

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    May 24, 2012

    I'm dying to read those books! I've heard so many good things about them – I'm definitely going to try them as soon as I finish the one I'm reading right now!

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    May 25, 2012

    Check out the Diana Gaboldon or Jacqualine Carey books too! Sensual and facinating characters. πŸ™‚ Things that are making me smile -1) my CA 125 coming back LOWER than it was 2 years ago, and WELL within normal range! That means whatever is going on, it's probably NOT cancer. Whew!
    2) Getting excited about wedding stuff coming up in the next couple months!
    3) Time with the hubby! He's currently home and sitting next to me. πŸ™‚ Always nice to have him home after his (24+ hr) 'duty' day!

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    honey my heart

    May 25, 2012

    sunny days are the best πŸ™‚ glad to see the things that are making you smile. and thank you for commenting on my post about my cousin. it was uplifting.

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    May 25, 2012

    Super cute shirt!!

    Making me happy lately is the new glasses I bought for water, so silly but they hold so much!!

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    Stephanie Hain Torres

    May 25, 2012

    I'm waiting for my mom to finish 50 Shades on my Kindle, then I'm going to jump into the craze. And I love that top!

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    May 25, 2012

    We sold our house this week. THAT makes me really HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!