{a gorgeous morning near our house}

…to cut things out and live simply.

Ahhh, easier said than done, right? But we can’t continue living our lifestyle as is and save money. It’s just not possible. So, we are cutting out expenses left and right. I think it’s called “downsizing”? πŸ˜‰

I made mention of an unexpected salary loss in a past post. Our mortgage is out of control. Our spending is well maintained, but it can still be fine-tuned. You all know about our fertility struggles, and the very real possibility that treatment could cost us tons of money. If we want a stable future for these children we are trying so hard to create; if we want to eventually live in a house; if we want to possibly afford to live a comfortable life without debt; something’s gotta give.

The buck stops here. Our lives must change.

We are considering a host of different ways to help compensate for the income loss, and to avoid future losses. They all root back to the theme of “live minimally and simply.” I am really excited for these upcoming changes, and I hope I will be able to share more with you soon. I don’t feel comfortable going into detail just yet, but I can tell you that it will involve sacrifice, and altering life as we know it for awhile.

Maybe I’m delusional or getting old, but I’m at a point in my life where material goods mean less and less. As long as the basics are taken care of, and we are all healthy, the rest just doesn’t matter. It’s cathartic. I am finding a lot of clarity in this new way of looking at things.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



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    July 13, 2011

    Good for you-I'm excited to hear about these changes since we are also *trying* to live more simply as well. Good luck with it, and just know that it's a process-that's the most difficult part for me to realize. I'm not going to change my habits overnight, but small changes really do make a difference, and as long as I keep our goal in mind, the big changes will come eventually even if I do slip up every once in a while πŸ™‚

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    July 13, 2011

    We had this discussion just last night, so I feel better know we're not alone! This growing-up and being an adult stuff is really over-rated! Good luck and keep us posted! I'd love to hear what you're doing!

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    July 13, 2011

    I think at some point all Americans should really come to this conclusion. Especially in this economy. (Wow, I sound like I know what I am talking about.) But in all honesty I think that "live minimally and simply" is made to look so difficult because of the things we see on TV and movies – Real Housewives, Say Yes to the ($5000) Dress, Modern Family (have you looked at those houses they all live in?!) – I'm excited to hear more about your journey as I think it'll be a good lesson learned for us.

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    July 13, 2011

    Good for you! I can't wait to hear how it goes for you – I'd love to hear about what you're doing. We've been trying to cut back lately too, and it's not easy, but it's absolutely worth it.

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    July 13, 2011

    That's great! I found it VERY peaceful to live simply – and easier than you might think! Rent/mortgages in California ARE out of control! Hang in there!

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    July 13, 2011

    Carly, between a job loss last year and me being furloughed the last 2 years, we've been there. It sucks. We have our good months and bad months, but I totally get it. The most important thing- be realistic. Good luck!!!!

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    July 13, 2011

    This is gonna sound crazy (esp coming from me) but it's actually much easier than you would think. Husband lost his job right before we got married and was out of work for almost 2 years. That sucked. But it also taught us what we really needed and didn't need. We still had a ton of fun and looking back the only things we "missed out on" were material things that, let's be honest, we all have plenty of. I've been considering a return to our thrifty ways of yesteryear as life really did seem more simple then. Anyhow, bravo to you for tackling these un-fun things with such grace and gusto. β™₯

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    honey my heart

    July 14, 2011

    we are actually in sort of the same point in our lives right now. finances are weird and when we must start to live simply if we want to have a comfortable future. i wish you the best in your plans.

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    July 14, 2011

    Thanks, friends! It feels great to have your support in this new endeavor. I guess I would be lying if I said it didn't make me nervous. Change is always pretty nerve-wracking, but I'm also excited! I'll keep you updated on how it goes. xo

    @Mandy: You're so right. It IS a process. I forget that, and then I feel overwhelmed. Good luck with your small and big life changes!

    @Heidi: You guys aren't alone! I think there are a lot of us trying to live smart and consider the future. πŸ™‚

    @Colleen: The media totally emphasizes the importance of material items. I hate it! I think I watch way too much TV. Gotta work on scaling that back.

    @Amanda: Thanks!

    @J.Darling: Yes, California is out of control. I wish we could move somewhere more affordable!

    @Sugar: Thanks for the support and good advice! One of the hardest things has been to be realistic. I've never been good at planning for the future, but I'm learning now. πŸ™‚

    @Michelle: Thanks, hon! You guys are an inspiration.

    @Jella: Best of luck to you guys, too! We can do this! πŸ™‚