Thank you again, everyone, for your responses on my last post. It has taken me a couple of days to get back on my feet again. But I am glad that I stepped away from the blog, because it has helped me to think about things.

The remainder of this post makes me look like A Cup of Jo wannabe. Oh well. I am going to link to a bunch of random stuff online that has caught my interest over the past couple of days, weeks, and months. Then I’m out.

This amazing song by my fave, Sara Bareilles.

This touching post from Nie Nie.

I am obsessed with People Magazine’s Celebrity Baby Blog. (This little one is the cutest baby

Oh, to be a kid again!

The reason I steal my husband’s iPhone every single night.

If our shower needed a curtain, I’d be all over this one.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Enjoy your holiday weekend πŸ™‚



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    July 2, 2010

    OMG that shower curtain is AMAZING! I love it and am pretty sure that I need it. The only reason I am in need of it is that I decided to wash both of our shower curtains yesterday. I mean they must need sanitizing at some point in their lives. I do not recommend this because THEY SHRUNK! I mean like one foot shorter than they were before BOTH OF THEM. Holy Cow and I followed the washing instructions on the tag! If I do get this fabulous shower curtain I'm dry cleaning it!

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    July 7, 2010

    @roberta: That's so annoying about your curtains. But now you have an excuse to buy this fabulous one πŸ™‚