My husband and I have been on our share of road trips. When I moved to upstate New York for school, we moved my stuff back and forth from L.A. four times via my trusty Honda Accord. That’s right – four cross country trips, one seat belt violation in the middle-of-nowhere Texas, one speeding ticket in Wyoming, and countless roadkill sightings.

Today, being on the open road still holds a special place in my heart as I am hit with the nostalgia of our young relationship, crossing state lines, and the joy of watching my then-boyfriend snore in the passenger seat next to me.

I’m a total free spirit when we are on car trips. I’m like, “Who cares if we get a little lost? Let’s have an adventure!” My husband, the crazed man, is like, “Where’s the fourteenth page of my Google maps?! I put all of this in order before we left. Carly, why is my Road Trip Folder OUT OF ORDER?!?!”

Oops. My bad. Wait, we have a “Road Trip Folder”?

This difference in perspective, also leads me to discuss another difference of ours when it comes to driving.

When I am on the highway, I like to chill and sit in the slow (right hand) lane. I’ll admit it, I basically drive the speed limit. I’m not like scary geriatric slow, but still, according to my husband I am slooooow. So when he hops in the driver’s seat, he practically pushes me aside and we take off like a rocket.

What is it with men on car trips and trying to make record time? First of all, the speed limit is 70 mph, but according to my husband, we go 85 mph, because he has to “go with the flow of traffic”. This is especially true on California highways where everyone drives FAST. Secondly, I have to be on the verge of getting a bladder infection or dying of starvation for him to make a pit stop. If it weren’t for the threat of running out of gas, we might never stop. “Ummm, no sweetie, I can’t pee in a bottle. I think you better exit…NOW!”

This is all in the name of getting to our destination at record speed. My dad used to exhibit similar behavior on family car trips. He once sped down the winding California coastline so fast that he made everyone throw up. It wasn’t pretty.

I don’t get it. Is it a guy thing?

We don’t need to be anywhere at any specific time. Isn’t that what being on vacation is all about – relaxing and taking your time? Apparently not according to the men in my family.

On road trips, are you a go with the flow driver? Or are you trying to set a personal best?



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    Zeus' Mom

    May 4, 2010

    Carly, Did you go to Cornell? I made several trips from LA to Ithaca when I moved there in my tired little Geo Storm no less.

    I have to admit I'm a trying-to-set-a-personal-best driver on road trips (and in general), but I'm working on being a go-with-the-flow. Aging helps 🙂

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    Pink Heli

    May 4, 2010

    I'm definitely a 'set a personal best' driver. I've made countless trips from Oregon to Minnesota, and was thrilled when I broke the 3-day barrier, making the trip in 2 instead. I just like driving fast, all the time, city or country, freeway or gravel. Husband is the same way. We like to 'hurry up and get there' – even if we're on vacation. Funny.

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    May 4, 2010

    "Secondly, I have to be on the verge of getting a bladder infection or dying of starvation for him to make a pit stop."


    And dude, I have Crohn's Disease. If I need a pit stop, I NEED A PIT STOP, OKAY?

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    May 4, 2010

    My husband drives like a maniac. He's a horrible driver and I tell him so. He's either speeding like a bat out of hell or driving way under the speed limit because he's looking at something. Drives me crazy! Our next car will have handles on the ceiling…our car doesn't right now, but I am constantly working on making a permanent hand print!

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    honey my heart

    May 4, 2010

    it could be a guy thing. my hubs totally tries to make any drive in record time (to the store, to get gas, to work, road trips) and i really don't understand why. it is especially weird when we are in no rush to get anywhere. i like just coasting 🙂

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    May 4, 2010

    I haven't lived in LA for over 13 years, but I still totally drive like an LA Driver- totally agressive. It drives my husband nuts.

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    May 4, 2010

    I agree… I'm more of the aggressive driver than my husband…road rage and all! We're from LA too… I'm very curious to know where you guys decided to take a roadtrip to…any suggestions for a short weekend getaway?

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    M and C

    May 6, 2010

    I think we both drive fast but not super fast. My husband will definitely stop for food, the bathroom or weird roadside attraction. If we have somewhere to be, then I need to be organized. If it's a trip to to take a trip, then being lost isn't such a huge deal. I do really hate that he'll drive around for forever getting frustrated because he's lost and won't stop for directions. That drives me nuts!

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    Chicken Wing

    May 6, 2010

    I think you're absolutely right – it's a men vs. women thing. Mr. CW is the same way – got to drive fast, and his road rage comes out so much easier! I'm like, "Whoa there, tiger. We're on a trip – we have all the time in the world." LOL! But whereas you like the right lane, Mr. CW likes the left, or fast, lane. Sometimes, he gets distracted and will be After the third car or so passes us on the right, I'll hang my head in shame, and make a tender, loving suggestion to move it on over to the right!