I’m a sucker for potatoes. Mashed, fried, baked, you name it. French fries are one of my favorite foods, and I have to ban myself from fast food every now and then or else I might actually become a McDonald’s french fry.Some women love jewelry. Some women love shoes. I love baked potatoes. Not too difficult to please.
As a self-proclaimed non-domestic, cooking adverse girl (how many times can I say such things about myself?), they are such a quick, tasty, and versatile meal. I used to eat a lot of them when I was younger, but I stopped when I moved out of my mommy’s house, and had to do the grocery shopping myself. I don’t know why, it’s not like it’s that difficult to make my way to the produce aisle and bag up a few potatoes? But I digress.
Since our vow to be healthier, I have returned to my old staple of baked potatoes. They are such a great go-to food. Another bonus is that I am anemic, and potatoes are high in iron (especially if you eat the skins!)
I love mine with butter, bacon, cheese, (ok, not such healthy things, but I’m trying) and whatever else looks good in my fridge. For example, this past weekend we had taco night so we had salsa, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and all sorts of good toppings left over. I stacked all of it on my potato. You can be as healthy or as unhealthy as you want, but rest assured that there will be some nutritional value in what you are eating.
If you want to get all fancy, try a recipe for twice baked potatoes like this. Doesn’t that look amazing?!

Or I saw this on Cup of Jo awhile back: a recipe for Bullet Potatoes. Yum!
How do you like your baked potato?

March 31, 2010



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    E @ Oh! Apostrophe

    March 30, 2010

    We live next door to a lunch place called Potato Valley… and the call of the garlic butter smell is just too strong and I end up eating there about once a week! My favorite is this homemade curry mix that they have, but if I'm feeling just a tad healthier I'll have the Vegetarian Combo which is a basically a huge salad on top of a potato- YUM! If only I could figure out how they infuse the garlic and butter into the potato skin!

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    honey my heart

    March 30, 2010

    yes to potatoes!!!!! in college my dorm had baked potatoes available for every lunch and dinner, so i would sometimes have them 4x a week. i love lots of butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese, chives, and bacon as toppings 🙂 never thought of using taco night stuff, but it sounds too delicious not to try.

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    brooke @ claremont road

    March 31, 2010

    Fellow potato addict here. My mom once lost a bunch of weight eating baked potatoes for two meals a day. Probably not the best diet method, but it's one that sounds like heaven to me 🙂

    (PS, thanks for your sweet comment on my post today. I spent several days writing that post and it was difficult to write; it's nice to hear from someone who thinks it was actually well-written, since I tend to think I just ramble a lot! 🙂 So, thank you, my dear.)

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    junghwa by Amy Stewart

    March 31, 2010

    I've been trying to be healthier too. It's so hard! There are many delicious temptations out there. Like the bread basket!!!

    Btw… Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer is awesome!! It doesn't even look like you're wearing anything. Just makes your skin look good. Try it out!

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    MaryBeth Hughes

    March 31, 2010

    love baked potatoes! lately i've been lovely sweet potatoes! alexia brand has some great SP fries!

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    tam pham

    April 6, 2010

    my perfect bp has cheddar cheese, sour cream, chives, bacon bits, butter, and an obscene amount of ranch dressing on top. mmmmmmm.