My blogging has been lighter since late last week. There is so much to do! We are coming up quickly on 3 months until the big day. My nerves are on hyper-drive and I feel very behind with wedding tasks.

Things We are Focusing on Now:

– Cake tasting
– Flower girl dress (a future post will detail this ordeal)
– Invitations
– Venue walk through with our florist
– Finalize our registries
– Schedule my dress fittings
– Hire a Day of Coordinator
– Finalize our guest list

There are some major items on this list that need to be checked off as soon as possible. Eekk!

How is your planning going? Can you believe how quickly the days are flying by?!




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    March 24, 2009

    Just don’t forget to HAVE FUN with all of this! Read my recent blog if you need a reminder of the things guests REALLY take away from that day. 😉 At least, it’s what I take away from weddings.