One element of the wedding we will not be partaking in is the getaway. Why no getaway? Because we are having our ceremony and reception in the same hotel, and the honeymoon suite is (yep, you guessed it!)…in the very same hotel. I’m a little sad because I always envisioned a Hollywood movie ending to our wedding complete with sparklers and a hot vintage ride (not that it would have really happened, but a girl can always dream!)

Here are some pictures of what I envisioned:

I love the flowers in this one.

I heart this car! Can I keep it?

For those of you who will have a proper getaway – will you rent a fabulous car? Will you use your own car? Please indulge me as I must live vicariously through you!



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    November 29, 2008

    We have not decided how to “getaway”.

    One option, if you want a sort of getaway, would be to “pose” a shot outside of the hotel with your wedding party holding sparklers and while you pretend to leave. It’ll probably have to be before the end of the party, anyway, because most photographers only stay until a certain time (often 10pm in my area). So stage an early getaway (sans car)

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    November 30, 2008

    Thanks, Krista! That’s a wonderful idea! I may seriously consider doing that, because obviously we wouldn’t rent a car and not use it…but perhaps we can stage the sparklers after the ceremony and before the cocktail hour. It would make for a pretty picture!!

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    December 1, 2008

    Hey cute blog 🙂

    We’re staying at the hotel our reception is at too…my photographer actually suggested a cute idea you could do: the DJ announces the last dance, you two are in the middle of the dance floor, you have someone pass out bubbles and everyone forms a circle or square around you. There you go, pretty photo op! It’s staged, but not actually having to go down to the lobby to pretend your leaving the hotel seems nice.

    There’s a long corridor to the elevators that we’ll probably have everyone line up along and have our planner pass out bubbles. So whatever works for your space – hope this helps!

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    The Pissed Off Bride

    December 2, 2008

    So far we are going to rent a car. I want a RR phantom sooooo bad but it is our of our budget. So, I am going to see if I can work a little extra and pay for it myself. I reallllyyyy want that car. . .bad!