So I’ve let waaay too much time pass before writing again. I posted back in May and it’s, ummmm, mid-September! This is the most pathetic blog in the world right now!

A lot has happened since my last post. I’m still planning our wedding…but alas, it has been postponed until June 2009. It’s a long story that perhaps I will tell one of these days, but the end conclusion is that I will not be walking down the aisle in November. At first I felt sad and a bit lost. But then after some thinking, I snapped out it. Sure, we would be letting go of our beloved wedding date and having uncomfortable conversations with the wedding party, relatives, vendors, etc. But all is not lost. We are still getting married. We are still going to make this work. And, despite, the downtrodden economy and the need to pinch pennies like crazy – this is not the worst that can happen, not even close.

So now it’s all about June 27, 2009, baby!! We are gettin’ married!

July 5, 2008