I begin writing this one day after my 27th birthday. I’ve wanted to start documenting my life for awhile now. Gone are the days of scribbling in my girlhood Hello Kitty diary. I am a native of Los Angeles, born and raised. Yes, that’s a bit rare these days. I spent several years on the east coast working and getting my education (undergrad and masters) and now have returned to my hometown roots to get married and be with my family and future hubs.

I have to admit, one of my greatest inspirations to start this blog has been my pending November wedding. There’s something catchy about marriage and weddings. While women have been getting married for generations, the onset of the internet and what seems like millions of wedding planning websites/blogs/etc., has sent our generation over the edge with the planning of this one glorious day. As my best friend says, “Every girl now thinks it’s her one big chance to be a princess.” We laugh, not necessarily at these women, but at what happens to them during the wedding planning process. Hence, the word “bridezilla”. Although I never viewed my wedding day as my one big chance to be a princess, I must admit, I’ve been getting into this whole planning experience a bit more than I thought I would.

In an effort to avoid “all things wedding”, I will try to make this blog about life in general with splashes of wedding intertwined. Let’s see how that goes.

May 20, 2008